Gallery of Paintings

I hope you enjoy browsing my watercolors!
I have described most of the originals as being available for sale unframed.
However, many are now framed, so if you wish to purchase
with or without a frame just let me know. I can adjust accordingly.


Original works of art in watercolor, painted on watercolor paper.
Giclee Prints
Giclee prints signed by the artist. Some limited editions, some are open editions.
Sale - $100.00 or less
Original watercolor paintings on paper, signed by the artist. The paintings are matted and are being sold unframed.
Small works of original art on paper, matted and being sold unframed. Each is signed by the artist.
Eight different collections of notecards to choose from. Each assortment contains 5 different notecards, blank inside and 5 envelopes, contained in a resealable clear package. The Butterfly Collection is 5 cards, all the same, with envelopes.
Sold Originals